Web Development

Web Development

Web development has cemented a unique place in the technology industry. With the Emerging Technologies and progressive development, career in web development has become the wisest choice. It is constantly evolving and incorporating new concepts and ideas to transform it into a higher-paid field among the varied industries.

Web Development includes all the activities associated with the development of websites. It encompasses all the actions related to building a website, managing the operations, ensuring performance via updates, user experience, and optimal speed. In simpler, it deals with the non-design aspect of the websites, which comprises of coding and writing markups. "Transform and enhance your web development skills by pursuing a specialized course.”

If you’re planning to enhance your job prospects or a career as a web developer, you should consider several courses which can hone your skills. Being a web developer, you have to specialize either in front-end or back-end or both. You are even responsible for curating simple text pages, social applications, and business applications. All it demands in-depth knowledge of programming languages.

We, at TechnoEdge, offers you an array of web development online classes and accredited courses which entails you with the required skills and knowledge.


Whatever aspect of web development catches your interest and eye, we have several programmes that cater to your needs.


The popular javascript front-end framework course, which will guide on creating a modern big web application s as well single pages. Become a part Angular Live Project Online Training at TechnoEdge to learn how to present your application’s component clearly.


To acquire the skills for layout and styling of the web pages, this is the right course to pursue. CSS Language utilized for the presentations allows you to adapt the presentation to multiple devices.


Structuring your content on the websites is the essential requirement. HTML Course allows you to acquire the skills for structuring a web page and its content.


To make your content interactive, you need to acquire proficiency in JavaScript programming language. This course assists you in creating a dynamic and interactive user experience with Java technologies.


This course introduces you to the concept of server-side web development. In this, you will gain familiarity with the runtime environment and different components that make up the back-end of a website.


Hypertext Pre-processor is a server-side programming language used for curating dynamic or static websites. With this course, you get wide knowledge of scripting language.


In this course, several frameworks will be covered like Django and Flask as well as front-end coding skills. Become a Python Web Developer by pursuing this course.


To learn how to handle the view layers and build user interfaces, this course is the right choice to learn about React router and its use in developing single-page applications.

Java Technologies

This course will incorporate the element of web programming in the Java programming language with varied Java technologies to build and on your web applications.


Under this course, the focus is emphasized on SAP’s cloud development tools that allow you to build web applications using HTML 5 standards.


This course covers the modern aspects of HTML5 like tags and features, programming basics while using JavaScript


To learn on how to produce dynamic web pages, you need to acquire proficiency in this open-source server-side web application framework course.

.NET Framework

With this course, you entail the knowledge of developer tools, programming language, and libraries to develop web applications. Bring you web developer instinct forward by attending .Net Framework Language Online Classes at TechnoEdge.