Training Models

Training Methodology

Today, there is an increasing demand for professionals who have expertise in delivering reliable and effective solutions. We at TechnoEdge believe in fermenting expertise in every individual who undertakes any training course. Our prime focus is giving a kick start to their hidden capabilities and assisting them in securing a lucrative career.

The development of our training modules involves valuable guidance by our technology-driven experts, seamless learning experience, and optimal implementation. We at TechnoEdge strive to educate our every student with hand-on experience to secure a high pay salary job.

  1. Why is this particular technology a bright option?
  2. How this training is going to provide a high-yielding career?
  3. When to employ this technology?
  4. Do’s and Don't s for every module.
  5. How to implement this technology?
  6. Where this technology is going to fit in the enterprise solutions?
  7. How you can enhance the effectiveness of the project.
  8. What can be the best practices to follow under this technology?
  9. Things to be kept in mind while operating.
  10. What is the career trajectory with this course?

"With our module, you develop skills through our varied teaching styles like discussion and debates, presentations, active learning, role plays, collaborative learning etc."

Tools and Technologies Undertaken for Knowledge Transfer


Since our students are located at different places so we try to provide a smooth experience. For this matter, we conduct webinars focused on a specific topic. Webinars allow every student from a different location to become a part of the webinar and come up with their queries in a most sorted manner.


No matter if you’re working from home, our virtual monitoring strategy will assist you in building meaningful relationships and maintain personal connections. With this strategy, we try to provide our students with quick solutions to any sort of error while project development stages.

Video Demonstration

What you see is evidence of what you believe; with this notion, we believe in a video demonstration of our every product. Through this, our students get to easily understand the implementation of the service in the real world through videos.

Visual Communication

The prime focus for us is to make students understand even the most complex content easily. With our visual communication technology, communicate our ideas graphically so that they clearly comprehend the meaning. Visual evoke the meaning and different images in every individual’s mind leading to clarity with the concept.

Delivery Methodology

Considering the presence of body and mind of both teachers and students, we at TechnoEdge employ Blended Learning method as a delivery methodology.

Blend learning is a combination of both online learning and offline learning in such a way that both look a part of each other. With this learning method, we offer our students a chance to learn and work at the same time. We believe that with traditional classroom teaching won’t be able to cater to the needs as every individual has unique ideas.

With our blending learning teaching, our experts get to evaluate the student’s performance in real-time including verbal exams. During an online session, the learner can easily come up with a question and can get a quick reply.

Also, this learning allows us to promote and manage our regular training program through single blended learning LMS.

In all fairness, the blending learning methodology of TechnoEdge gives you the best of both the worlds. So become a part of TechnoEdge to improve your efficiency to operate and gain valuable knowledge from our experts through our blended learning delivery methodology.