Game Development

Game Development

Developing games is a creative as well as a technical art form. It is a form of art that fascinates children and younger generations both to use it as a means of entertainment. This leads to the career of a programmer, developer, an artist and many other roles in the industry.

Game development demands a gamut of tasks to be performed for the release of an effective and reliable game. This may include concept generation, design, build, test, and final release. Creating a game is not just about performing the given tasks but also ensuring game mechanics, rewards, creative elements, user engagement, and eye-catching designing.

“Showcase your creativity and impress the crowd with the dynamic development of games.”

If you love games and have the interest to learn about its making, then choose game developer as a career option. The career in this field will reward you with outstanding benefits and will open the door to multiple opportunities as a developer. Along with your educational qualification, having a certification in any of the courses mentioned below can work as an additional advantage.


Let’s have a look at various courses available in this field at TechnoEdge that would definitely amplify your creative skills.

3D Game Development

Under this course, you’ll learn how to develop everything from Android to Xbox along with designing, prototypes, and C# programming language. Become a part of the 3D Game Development Course available at TechnoEdge to master yourself in this field.

2D Game Development

To gain the foundational skills for developing a high-quality 2D game, you need to pursue a course of 2D Game Development In Unity at TechnoEdge. In this course, you will learn how to implement the new 2D tile map feature, develop animation hitboxes, publish it on google store, get an abundance of resources etc.

Game Development Fundamentals

This course entails you with all the fundamental skills and knowledge required to develop a game which includes coding skills, animation, computer programming, and choosing a game engine. Enroll for Game Development Fundamentals Course at TechnoEdge to develop a good command over developing.

Mobile Game Development

By pursuing this course, you will be able to develop a high-rated mobile game with appropriate coding skills, designing, animations, and other required things.


With general-purpose programming language, you can create high-performance gaming applications and window games. Learn C++ for Game Development and learn how to complement programming language C with C++.


This is a simple and object-oriented programming language utilized for developing games using the Unity game engine. This language course will teach you the basics of C# by building simple RPGs.


Being the best application for game development, we provide you with the knowledge of Unity of how to render 3D and 2D scene and knowledge of primary scripting API in C#.

Unreal Engine

This course imparts you the basics of utilizing a set of tools by developers to create realistic and interactive games in AR, MR, and VR.

Unreal Engine Blueprints

With this course, you learn how to perform everything visually instead of writing code line by line. This is possible with a visual scripting system called Blueprints.

Get ready to gain basic to advanced game development training at TechnoEdge that will definitely get you placed with a good salary package.

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