No matter if you’re running a small-size or large-sized organization, you need to keep track and organize your information in terms of products available, sales transactions, customer profiles, employee records, marketing activities etc. This is possible with the assistance of databases. With databases, you can easily store you a massive amount of data which is anytime accessible, manageable, and saves you plenty of time. Not just this, your business grows rapidly and the profit rate also amplifies.

Considering the importance of databases, many certifications have been designed for different software that assists the learners to store their data much effectively. Also, with databases, you can protect your business core information from getting into the wrong hands.

“Stop wasting your time searching for information at different places and gain knowledge of database systems for effective performance.”


The learning institute, TechnoEdge is entailing the leaders with various certifications that would increase your job prospects.

Apache Kafka

If you are planning to learn about Kafka architecture, installations, configurations, and other aspects, choose this course. This course at TechnoEdge will also provide an overview of big data.

Database Management

This course will introduce with an introduction, techniques, languages, applications, and programming demanded to design and maintain a large amount of databases. Familiarize yourself with Database Management by purring this certification.


In this course, you understand and analyze the databases which include data fields in tables. This certification will improvise your knowledge for storing, analyzing, and manipulating the data.


This course encompasses various modules under this course namely MYSQL basics, MYSQL functions, MYSQL workbench, MYSQL functions, normalization etc. Enroll for MYSQL Online Certification Course to monetize your MYSQL skills.

SQL Server

To administer MYSQL Databases, you need to go for this course as it will train you with the concepts and usages of advanced tools and techniques to analyze, develop and manage databases.

Oracle SQL

Under this course, gain the knowledge to write basic SQL statements to view, insert, edit, update, and delete data in databases. Go for Oracle Certification Courses to get a working knowledge of it.

Oracle Certification

Planning to learn databases from scratch, this course is the optimal choice. Learn everything from basics to advanced for interpreting, deleting, managing and other functions of databases.


Document-oriented databases which store data in JSON-like documents. This course offers you the ability to learn how to store your data without worrying about the structure. Go for MONGODB Online Course at TechnoEdge.

Database Programming

A database program is the heart of a business information system and provides file creation, data entry, update, query and reporting functions. Database programs let users create and edit single files interactively at the keyboard.

Choose from a wide range of courses related to databases to understand the mechanics and secure a good position as a Database Administrator.