Data Science And AI ML

Data Science and AI ML

For every organization, data plays a major role as it assists the business leaders in making the right decision based on stats and facts in combination with artificial intelligence. With AI and ML, you gain the insights and using data science technology you easily analyze your data which produces new and innovative products and services.

In contrast to emerging technologies, these two concepts have clearly taken off the plane. There is hardly any sector that is not driven by machine learning. Every other institute is offering Data Science and AI ML Online Classes to boost the knowledge of the generation so that they can match up to the trending expectations.

“Build expertise in data science and AI ML to launch a successful career.”

TechnoEdge offers a wide range of courses related to data science and AI ML. After pursuing any of the courses, it assures the leader with skill enhancement and opening of a wide panorama of job opportunities.


Have a look at the advanced courses of TechnoEdge which also imparts you with practical knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence

This course imparts you with the ability to understand artificial intelligence and its business applications. Become a part of the Artificial Intelligence Course at TechnoEdge to learn about its concepts and performance metrics.

Deep Learning

Under this course, you learn about the basics of deep learning, how to develop neural networks, algorithms to process data, taking datasets, and building essential meaning.

Data Analysis

With this course, you gain the knowledge of analyzing your data and gaining transferable skills knowledge along with SQL and Python

Machine Learning

If you want to know how to relate a computer system to statistical techniques rather than full programming, this is the course you should opt for. Become a master of Machine Language Learning system to analyze frightening amounts of data and extract valuable insight.


In this course, several frameworks will be covered like Matplotib for developing basic visualizations. Become a part of Python Language Online Learning classes to amplify your data science skills.

Neural Network

Neural Network belongs to the family of Machine Learning. Willing to learn to retrieve patterns from videos, audios, or images, must go for this Neural Network course available at TechnoEdge.


Right algorithm is required to perform any function in the data science and machine learning field. With TensorFlow framework, you can perform large numerical computation with the assistance of deep learning.

R Programming

We at TechnoEdge provide you with the knowledge of R Programming Language where you learn how to program and use R effectively for data analysis. Enroll for R Programming Online Course to become future Business Analysts.

Data Mining

By undertaking this course, you learn about skills, tools, and techniques in analytics, statistics, and programming courses.

Start acquiring valuable skills, build your project portfolio, and land a dream job by undertaking any course from TechnoEdge.