Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

With growing demand and constant development, there is high evolution in the technologies to provide the end-users with better products and services. Every company is opting to match the pace of technologies by building their online presence. The online presence demands for websites to sell or promote their service. Here, comes the role of full-stack development.

Full Stack Development is simply defined as the development of front-end and back-end of web applications. The development comprises three layers namely Presentation layer, Business Logic layer, and the Database layer.
Having different specialists to perform front-end operations and back-end operations is a daunting and expensive task. To manage both by a single hand, companies hire full stack developers who are capable enough for front-end development and back-end development solely.

Full Stack Developer will be responsible for the management of both front-end and back-end development along with database queries and operating systems of web applications. To become a full stack developer, you should have good command over technical skills like knowledge of programming language, database and cache, design ability etc.

Let’s have a look at famous Front-end and Back-end Client Softwares:

Front-end Client Softwares
CSS jQuery
Bootstrap Angular
W3.CSS React
Javascript Bckbone.js
ES5 Embur.js
JSON Storybook
GraphQL Meteor.js
Grunt Gulp
Back-end Client Softwares
C# MongoDB
Java Firebase.com
Python SaaS
Node.js Less
Express.js Parse.com
Ruby PaaS (Azure and Heroku)

Advantages of acquiring the position of Full Stack Developer:

If you’re willing to earn a good amount of salary and want to exercise flexibility, then full stack developer is a lucrative career option for you.

Good amount of Pay

Full stack developers are responsible for reducing the operating costs of a company. For this reason, full-stack developers are paid a sufficient amount of money.

High demand

With their ability to operate with different frameworks and technologies, they remain high in demand. They have the capability to handle every project with effectiveness and bring desirable results.

Effective communication

Their effective communication ability saves time and leads to better results with a smooth conversation with valuable clients.